Lisette Wyno-Brough - WFSS Executive and GWU Master's Student

About Lisette Wyno-Brough

Drawing upon 12 years of business and operational leadership experience, Lisette Wyno-Brough serves as chief operating officer of the defense contracting company WFSS, which she co-founded with her father in 2006. She has held a variety of responsibilities with the El Paso, Texas-based company, and her current role involves overseeing contract strategy, planning, and direction while maintaining an expertise in government and security regulations and procurement statutes. Lisette Wyno-brough also establishes the company's procedures for evaluating bids as well as preparing and processing any required contract modifications.

Beyond overseeing various administrative aspects for the small government company, Lisette Wyno-Brough spends her spare time working toward a master's degree in government contracting from George Washington University. She also holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix and has prior experience as a paralegal. Supplementing her professional pursuits, she is a member of The Society of Industrial Security Professionals and is a former vice president chair for the NCMS Rio Grande chapter.